My god! Is it also a sin that the product doing so great?

2018/9/7 16:35:38AI-Tech Robot1972

Early this morning, we were given a "played rough" by a famous international trading platform, after four days review, the platform was confused by our High intelligent robot "Emma" which developed by Shenzhen All Intelligent Robot Technology Co., Ltd, and doubt whether is a real person or robot.

Things like this,we had uploaded some relevent information for “Emma” these days, and ready to sell in this well-known international platform.but after 4 days of uploading, there were too many consulting clients, and the average click-through rate have exceeded 40%, far exceeding our previous estimate rate 2%, which caused the system to be too busy...

After repeated inquiries and reviews, we confirmed that we do not have any "sensitive words" and no "sensitive pictures". So what is the problem that leads to such a result? This also make the  platform customer service staff get confused.

However, vulgar statement said "Hard work pays off"! After an in-depth analysis of all the data, information and system feedback data from beginning to end, we finally got the "truth"! 

First of all, the high-intelligent robot “Emma” is an High-intelligent robot with deep learning. Plus,both her Chinese and English are too realistic and fluently. the platform system directly identify  "Emma" as a real person from the video we uploaded ; secondly, “Her appearance is too realistic, and the trading platform system has no way to recognize whether it is a real person or a robot? So, they just give us a "sensitive product" directly - I also have no idea of these judgment!

This is a true "event"! by the time of writing, in addition to request the trading platform system for manual intervention, I have no idea of uploading any information about "her". Seeing that the boss is black-faced and ready to swear, I am also in a dilemma! I don't know if the "universal circle of friends" has anyone to help me and solve this problem?

My god! Is it also a sin that the product doing so great?