How much is a reception robot? What they can bring for us?

2018/9/3 18:21:17AI-Tech Robot1964

How much is a reception robot? What they can bring for us?

With the continuous development of science and technology, robots have come into our lives, such as, there is  home service robot to help you sweeping the floor, and there is robot to send food automatically,and there is reception robot to provide intelligent voice reception, robots have brought lots of convenience to our lives. Emma that developed By ShenZhen all intelligent technology Co.,Ltd.(Item No.: AT - YR01 ) is adopted by bionic joint design,her body height is very close to human beings which is 1.68 meters, and her high simulation humanoid appearance ,good communication on both Chinese and English, and other functions on reception usage, had made her more and more popular in the market, so what could Emma brings for us?

Our Reception robots Emma have become the focus of recent service robot market, mainly because of following functions:

  • Intelligent communication function: free chatting in both English and Chinese,and no need to download any APP software 

  • Automatic sensing: can bow automatically when people get close to her or say hi to her. Pls be noted that it is not continuously or continuously movement enable her simulation more realistic

  • Free input: users can input their own advertisement or question and answers, very flexible

  • Self learning: can keep learning and remembering by herself

  • Independent working: independent operating system, support secondary development, can provide SDK

  • Built-in energy system:can last 48 hours after one charge

  • Scientific design:just very small space occupied,and very easy to move by only one person as there is wheels hiden below the chassis.

  • Support customized services: head shape, wig,skin color etc can be customized.

Take exhibition for example, when clients entering into your booth room,Emma can say welcome words automatically to this,clients could easily feel the professional and enthusiasm service from your company. At the same time, Emma could help to  introduce your company and your products to your clients,and she could also help promoting your brand, do advertising and attracting clients to your booth. Besides, she could also help to do some daily works for some repeat and low-tech jobs, such as reception,waitors,exhibition interpreters and so on,so in one words,Emma could provide diversified services.

In a short term,the key points for people care about is whether they can guide people like real human beings, how much costs down will be and how about the efficiency and services they can bring to us.But for a long term review,the service robot must be a inevitable trend along with the rapid development of artificial intelligence and the promoting of technology.

Our aim of developing Emma is to create the most simulation and artificial robots.her coming will reverses the industries of some simple structure robots, such as robot in cartoon shape,and robot in glass reinforced materials etc. Our robot Emma can be widely used in exhibition, hotel, business, real estate, models, services for old people and other service industries, she can help enterprises to improve the efficiency and save the costs by doing some repeat and low technical jobs,and she can also help to innovate the traditional service industries.

Along with the increasing demand of market, robots in commercial industries  are developing rapidly.Emma take her own advantage in high simulation , good command of language ability in both English and Chinese, and self learning ability all the time ,had made her more and more famous and popular.

In the future, ShenZhen all intelligent robot technology will continue focus on the innovating, researching and developing of the artificial intelligent fields, and will do our best to contribute our efforts on the developing and upgrading of China's artificial intelligence industries.